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Original Frosting Mix

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Introducing OOBY's Original Frosting Mix – A Wholesome Topping for Your Baby's First Celebrations!

Celebrate your little one's milestone with OOBY's Original Frosting Mix, a delightful creation designed for the purest joy. Crafted with care and love, this frosting mix is the perfect choice for a memorable and healthy first celebration.

Our Original Frosting Mix is more than just a delicious topping; it's a testament to our commitment to your baby's well-being. Made with only two wholesome ingredients – Whole Milk Powder and Pears – this mix ensures that your little one's first taste of frosting is not only scrumptious but also nourishing.

Say goodbye to unnecessary additives and hello to a frosting mix that parents can trust. OOBY's Original Frosting Mix is created with the utmost attention to quality, providing a guilt-free and delightful experience for both your baby and you.

Make your baby's first celebration truly special with OOBY's Original Frosting Mix – where wholesome ingredients and joyous moments come together in perfect harmony. Because every milestone deserves a topping as unique and special as your little one.




Whole Milk Powder, Pears.

You'll Need

3/4 cup liquid (breast milk, whole milk, alternative milk, or water).

Add natural food color, pretty colored powdered fruit, blended fruit puree, or vanilla extract to make it your own!

Oobys Original Frosting Front
Oobys Original Frosting Back
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How many servings does Ooby's Frosting Mix make?

One pouch of Smashcake Frosting Mix should be enough to cover one of the following:

-One 13X9 cake pan

-Two 8” round cake pans, will be less tall than a smaller round pan

-Two 6” round cake pans, will be taller than the larger 8” round pan

-One regular size muffin tin (12 muffins)

-One mini muffin pan (24 mini muffins)

... and if you are lucky, there will be leftovers ;)

Is Ooby's Frosting gluten free?


Ooby’s ingredients do not contain any gluten, our co-packers clean between runs, and we test our products for gluten.

FDA defines the term “gluten-free” to mean that the food bearing the claim does not contain an ingredient that is gluten-containing; an ingredient that is derived from a gluten-containing grain and that has not been processed to remove gluten; or an ingredient that is derived from a gluten-containing grain and that has been processed to remove gluten.

Does Ooby's Frosting Mix contain allergens?

Ooby’s Frosting Mixes DO CONTAIN MILK. We have been working on an allergen free version, but haven’t perfected it yet! We recommend a non-dairy yogurt or non-dairy whipped topping such as coconut cream as a frosting if your little one is lactose intolerant.

Is Ooby's Frosting Mix organic?

At this time, Ooby’s Mixes cannot be considered organic.

Our main cake ingredient, brown rice flour is certified organic, but most of our other ingredients are not.

In order to be certified organic, your product must be at least 95% organic ingredients and up to 100% if your ingredients are available as organic.

The conventional apple powder we use is made with only apples. Apple powder is available as organic and therefore, we would have to use the organic apple powder, but here is the issue: the organic apple powder uses an anti-caking agent that goes against the no icky processing aids value we have. Until we can find an organic apple powder made with better ingredients, we will not be certifying our product organic!

What is the shelf life of Ooby's mixes?

All of Ooby’s mixes have a 2 year shelf life from the date of manufacture.

You can find the shelf life either on a sticker on the package, or pressed into the seal.