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Picture this: I was on a mission to find a cake mix for my son's first birthday, but no luck! There weren’t any options that were truly healthy. If there wasn’t added sugar, there was a non-nutritive sweetener, or sugar alcohol in its place. The struggle was real! 🙈

After a million Pinterest recipes and grocery store hunts, I knew there had to be a better way.

That's when I decided to use my food science background and Ooby's came to life! 🎉

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Originally called ‘Smashcake,’ Ooby's got its sweet name when my 2-year-old son adorably dubbed his new baby sister "Ooby" – and I just knew it was our forever brand! 💕

With Ooby's, you get the most delightful, no added sugar, and oh-so-healthy cake mixes for those precious moments, like cake smash sessions and more! So wave goodbye to belly aches and say hello to a world of healthy cake! 🍰

Join the Ooby's fam now and let's sprinkle some happiness into your little one's special celebrations! 🎈


Ooby’s will never contain added sugar, corn syrup, sugar alcohols, non-nutritive sweeteners, unnecessary salt, artificial flavor, artificial color, hydrogenated oils, seed oils, gums, emulsifiers, modified starches, or any other icky ingredient.

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